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Hey everyone! We have a few announcements today for you. First, the forums are now using the most recent XenForo software. Also, the website has been migrated to New York, on the East Coast of the United States.

We want our European friends to load the website a bit faster! The load times in the United States should remain pretty fast, even if you're on the West Coast.

Something is Different...
Right... so not going to lie I sort of nuked the website earlier. That is to say, I basically set it on fire. We hadn't updated XenForo in a long time, and during the update - things exploded. Database got corrupted, files went haywire. It was fun. You'll notice 3 changes:
1) New Background! (I lost the old one)
2) The ChatBox is gone??? This is more of a peculiar issue. XenPorta 2 and TaigaChat don't seem to get along with the whole block/widget change. Still looking into this one. So apparently XenPorta 2 Pro comes with this widget already!
3) Some images in threads or my avatar is gone! As we proxy images on the website to keep our SSL intact, some resources were mysteriously lost. New ones should be absolutely fine though!

Where's the server? When's it going to be up?
We have a surprise announcement in a few days regarding who we're working with now! (The real question is: is this a surprise now that I've told you to expect an announcement?)

If you're active, let me know down below!